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1873 Springfield Trapdoor Cut-Down Rifle
Examination Done by Wendell Grangaard President of The Guns of History Sioux Falls, SD. During his examination of this Springfield he found the name Kills Crow written in togia, along with the following message: “gift-father—Red Shirt—kill plenty buffalo,” on the right side of the stock. Also on the right side of the stock are brass buttons for Sioux Chief. On the top of the stock and the forearm there are three sets of brass buttons which represent the Wagluhe Band of Oglala Sioux. Red Shirt participated at the battles of Rosebud, Little Bighorn, and Wolf Mountain. He Surrendered with Crazy Horse in 1877. Kills Crow was born in 1867 and married Horse Woman in 1892. He and his family lived near his father Red Shirt in the White Clay District on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This rifle may have come from the period when Red Shirt was a 1st Sergeant in the 9th Cavalry Company A—Indian Scouts under the command of 1st Lieutenant Charles W Taylor. Red Shirt joined this unit on November 27, 1890. Red Shirt owned this rifle, and then gifted it to his son Kills Crow. The brass buttons represent Chief Red Shirt’s Loafer Band of Wagluhe of the Oglala Sioux.